Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Not so chatty

Lately I've been failing to say anything interesting about myself via Facebook...Twitter...forums I belong to or even on my blogs!  It's like I'm in quiet mode :)

I've been looking into getting my Masters, stressing that I'm too dumb to do it, wondering who I'll get to write my letter of recommendation, thinking over what I want to do with my Etsy store, wondering if knitting for a living is really where I should be right now, enjoying the moments where my kids are getting along, playing Lego's and being absolutely silly, trying new recipes (that are pretty delicious) and coloring my hair fuchsia.  Now that I look at that word, it's spelled really funky, it isn't just me, right?  Fuchsia.  That doesn't seem like it's possible....anyhow.  :D

Like I said I haven't been too interesting :)

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