Saturday, November 17, 2012


I'm not sure who this will be news to, but I have decided to close up shop at Handmade Artist's Shop.  Since I created this email/blog/google plus account purely for 'shop' reasons, it makes sense to get rid of it.  Or at least put it into disuse.  As a result I am moving this show to here and will resume blogging duties there!  Hope you follow the jump!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 16

Today I am thankful for the internet.  It opens up opportunities to find what you are looking for, it helps you connect to others through blogs or Facebook or email.  I love finding  new stores that are nowhere to be found in ND and getting good deals.  Shopping is less stressful (okay, sometimes) because I don't have to deal with lines and crazy people (I swear I almost passed out from annoyance when I was checking out at H&M in the Cities).  Most of all, I am thankful that I have been able to get almost all of my Christmas shopping online already.  I don't have to deal with Black Friday or Cyber Monday or find myself glued to anything finding the perfect gift.  I'm done!  (Well, practically). 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 15

Today I am thankful for baking.  It's a wonderful way to spend time with the kids (it especially helped Monster Bean and I get through those days of needy baby syndrome with Little Miss).  They love being the one to grab the eggs (knock on wood, they have to break one en route to me or the counter), to mix the flour and baking soda, to pour in the chips or whatnot into the mixing bowl.  They help me count how many cups I  need, grab me the utensils, peek in the oven to tell me if they look done, if they look delicious or whatever pops into their mind.  Baking with my kids brings so many happy memories to mind.  I hope when they are older they will be as precious to them as well.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 14

I am thankful for being a perfectionist.  It is a huge pain in the butt sometimes but at least being a perfectionist means that I work and work and work at something until I feel it's acceptable because I never feel it will be perfect.  It means that if I find a difficult piece of music to learn, by golly I'm going to learn it and I don't care if I play it for 100 hours.  Many pieces that I still love to play today are the ones I remember fighting with as a teenager.

But again, it is a curse as my husband can attest to.  Listening to "Sarajevo" for the millionth time paired with "It sounds like crap!" from me can drive someone up the wall.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 13

I am thankful that I get to be a SAHM.  While undoubtedly there are days when I feel like I'm going insane or am so frustrated my eyeballs want to pop out of their sockets, I am thankful down to my core that I have the choice and ability to stay home.

I never thought I was the SAHM type.  Growing up I always told my mom that I had no qualms with letting my kids go to daycare so I could have a career and whatnot.  I was confident back then that it wouldn't bother me one bit.  Of course there's a big difference between being 16 and saying this and being 23 and facing reality.

I love staying at home because I have the freedom to attend fun school functions like "Muffins with Mom" (which was this morning) or going to a Patriotic Program at the school in the afternoon (earlier this fall) and making my own schedule.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 12

I am thankful for the ability to dream.  As an adult it feels a little bit harder to dream, especially as you begin to acquire all those things you originally dreamed of.  Going to college, getting married, your first car, your first house, kids, etc...  But now these dreams (you could also call them goals I guess) are not just self-centered anymore.  I dream that my kids grow up to be independent and strong and have that ability to see both sides of the story.  I dream that my daughter will always want to be treated like a princess but not expect everything to be handed to her, how to work hard to get what she wants.  I dream that my son will continue to grow in his love of reading and learning.