Friday, June 17, 2011

Ever hear one of these?

Okay I admit, I love reading some of the blurbs on Babble, they make me smile and nod in agreement occasionally.  Especially one like this

10 things Never to say to a mom

I won't reveal them all, just the ones I found pertinent or have an especially entertaining story to add!

1.  You look tired!

I only welcome this when I'm not the only one :)  As in, we stayed up too late playing games/catching up/etc...

2.  Do you work?

Now honestly I don't find this one insulting.  I see this as a way to weed out if someone stays at home like me and therefore I have more in common with or more of a chance to have a playdate with.  This is the only reason I would ask this question or bear it in return.

3.  You look like such a mom!

I've had someone younger say this to me...but as a close friend.  A complete stranger has never made this comment.

4.  Oh my you have your hands full!

This one I could see why they said it....but still.  Yes, I am not unaware that I am pushing a stroller, holding the hand of a toddler AND walking a puppy all at the same time.  Thank you.

5.  Glad I'm not the only one who wears mom jeans...

although insert has a mom haircut.  That in itself has prompted my desire to grow it back out the way I was *last* summer!

Not horrible offenses, but slightly annoying ones :)

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