Thursday, June 23, 2011


I grew up with the nickname Bonkers.  My mom says I was given this nickname because I would crash into everything headfirst.  Embarrassing when you're 16 and your mom still insists on pulling that gem out when your friends are over...kind of endearing when you're almost 30 and have kids of your own.  It also makes me think of the weird and strange nicknames we gave our own kids and how they just stick and fit.

Little Miss for example.  I don't know where or how this started exactly, but all I know is that one day I overheard my husband call her a Troublesome Truck, and that's been a moniker ever since.  We also call her Doom, Doom Pickle, Bean...then you get into generic nicknames like sweatpea and munchkin.  But for the most part, I think  my favorites are Troublesome Truck and Doom Pickle.

As for Monster Bean...well, at almost 5 he's outgrowing his baby nicknames, which were all mostly name related.  But now if his sister is Little Bean, he is rightfully called Big Bean. 

What about you?  Any funny and silly nicknames for your kids?  Have any stuck?

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