Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This week's books

Every week the two little ones and I go to the library to enjoy StoryTime and pick out new books/movies and do a couple puzzles.  It's been a great routine because the kids love going to the library as much as I do!  Of course for Little Miss I spend more time chasing after her in the library than looking at books...but that's okay too.

We actually missed going yesterday, our schedule got all off and so we ended up missing storytime and then we ran errands and then quite a few of our streets were flooded from massive rains.  :(

So I'll tell you about the books we picked last week!

1. Christopher Crocodiles Jungly Jingles by Giles Andrea & David Wojtowycz

This is a cute book with a small handful of poems about some of the different animals that live in the jungle.  Little Miss especially enjoys the one about the gorilla and pairs it up with some chest thumping of her own!

2.  The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss

I picked this one for Monster Bean because we planted a garden of our about a month ago and I wanted him to see how cool it was for your plants to come up!  He insists that he won't eat anything that sprouts in his garden, but agrees it's pretty cool.

3.  Gossie & Friends, A First Flap Book by Olivier Dunrea

My children absolutely love the Gossie books.  We own Gossie but have checked out Gertie, BooBoo, Ollie the Stomper, and Peedie a number of times.  This one is especially fun because of the flaps.

4.  The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton

This is a sweet and silly book about some animals getting ready to go to bed.  It rhymes and has great illustration and ends with them rocking to sleep in a boat.

5.  I like bugs, the sound of B by Alice K Flanagan

We've been getting phonics to help Monster Bean with his pronunciation.  He's really been enjoying picking a different book with different sounds.  Pairing up these books with word games has been really helpful in getting him to make the 'th' and 'sh' sounds!

Those are our picks for this week!

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