Thursday, October 27, 2011

Swimming milestone!

This actually happened yesterday, but I hit 1300 meters!  It's been quite the month of swimming milestones too.

I've been pushing myself to swim full 100 meters of a single stroke (before I was switching 50 freestyle, 50 breaststroke).  Last Friday I was fast pacing my 50's (practically sprinting but nooooot quite) and today I swam 200 meter stretches without stopping!  Soon I want to hit 1600 meters during my hour workouts and hopefully I'll be able to sneak in another day of swimming but I'm not sure when.  Maybe on Saturday's.

In addition to that I'm super excited about our Halloween Party tomorrow night!  I don't really remember when it started but it feels like every year we have a Halloween and New Year's Party at our house.  It's really no different than a regular weekend except we dress up :)  This year I'm going a little nuts with decorating and baking!  I'm going to bake pumpkin and ghost shaped sugar cookies, make mummy cake pops and I painted ghosts and pumpkins on Mason jars that are holding candies and bought a ghost cookie jar.  I just love themed things and am having lots of fun putting it together!

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