Sunday, December 4, 2011

Going to the movies

Yesterday we took the kids to my husband's work's kids' Christmas party!  (Wow that's a lot of apostrophes!)  The bulk of the party is the option to go to the movies with pictures with Santa and Mrs Claus before or after.  I was a little nervous about taking Little Miss because she's pretty excitable and doesn't sit still.  :)  I mean, what 2 year old does, right?  But she did great, Monster Bean did great, and best of all, we all got to see The Muppets!  It took the hubby and I back to our childhood and we even teared up a few times because nostalgia just took over.  :)

I'd like to do it again but I do have to admit that nothing really beats sitting in the comfort of my own home and watching a movie.  :D

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