Sunday, December 18, 2011

The week before Christmas

I feel way too accomplished this year.  On Thursday my hubby joked that it doesn't feel like Christmas without that last minute rush!  True enough, but at the same time, it's lovely not being stressed out.

I've been bad about keeping up with the Advent Calendar, but I will post a picture after I'm done with my baking duties!  :) 

My Christmas card holder is getting fuller by the day and I finally found a fun way to showcase the picture cards almost everyone has been sending!  On the outskirts of my holder I pinned several cards together with clothespins so that the pictures show.  There's very little room left now!  But I enjoy getting to see how my friends and family are growing with every year!

I've also been busy practicing my carols because my grandpa has asked me to step in for my mom as pianist for caroling.  Which really, any excuse to get some extra time on the piano is fine by me!  :D

I've been trying to relax and not fill my day up with things I *have* to do, but that's been difficult.  I'm just not built for sitting still!

Alright, back on mom duty but I promise I'll get some pics up!

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