Sunday, January 1, 2012

Poooop...Potty Chronicles Continued

Does anyone ever find it weird how often you talk about bowel movements and pee as a parent?  It feels like from the moment you get pregnant you're constantly complaining about lack of graceful pooping or needing to pee all the time.  This does not go away once your babies are born.  Nope.  You then exchange stories with friends (fellow parents or not) about your kids' epic blowouts, poop art (although luckily neither of mine have ever done that), pee in the face, pee in the tub, just everything you can imagine.  With potty training it is a bit more amplified for obvious reasons.

Anyhow, I am totally proud of my little girl today because not only did she run into the bathroom of her own accord, not only did she pull down her own pants and undies, but she sat and pooped on the potty and then yelled for us.  Happy dance for her having connected the dots!

Those weren't the only dots she connected either.  She now knows that for every time she successfully pees/poops in the potty, she gets M&M's.  This afternoon she went no less than 5 times and every time she did enough to warrant a treat.  Those 5 times were all in about half an hour time span.  We've downed her to just one M&M per time ;)

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