Monday, April 30, 2012

April Wrap up

It hasn't hit  me like a ton of bricks yet that in 19 days (O.o!) there will be no more school, it will officially be summer, it will be three months of children 24/7, it will be three months before one starts kindergarten and the other begins her foray into the education system and three months of what I hope to be some sort of calming down.  I mean summer is all about relaxing, right?  (I hear you laughing in the background :D )

I keep thinking that summer is going to be filled with nonstop activity but's pretty tame in comparison to some people I know.  A few days to celebrate my cousin's wedding,Vacation Bible School, a week of camping, my SIL's wedding...not too much traveling and insanity. 

As you know last week I finished up a sweater and needed something to occupy my hands on the drive out of town Saturday.  I had one leftover skein of Knit Picks Full Circle wool that was just begging to be made into a hat.  I figured why not.  I had already used its other sad leftover half skein to make a Cabbage Patch sweater (I will put the bare bones instructions in another post).

Awhile back I had knit Tiny Owl Knits pattern Orchids and Fairy Lights.  It's a beautiful pattern and I just didn't have enough yarn to do it justice.  It worked okay, but I think I only did half the amount of repeats needed and so it is more of a beret than a beanie.


New version

Looks way better, right?

So now I have no guilt about throwing myself into an intense shawl pattern :D  I also have heard from my friend about what kind of baby sweater she'd prefer and so I'll be peeking around on KnitPicks for a washable yarn since it'd be silly to give her a newborn sweater that will felt :D  Oh!  And I finally got a better picture of my last sweater.  With buttons!  :D


  1. I got a truckload of "stuff" from an older woman that was moving into a retirement home. apparently she was a craft teacher, I now have oodles and oodles of yarn and thread and all sorts of neat goodies. BUT I also have around 10 sweaters, all works in progress, but a few of them don't have the instructions with them. I'm a better crocheter then knitter, would you be interested in a challenge? I would love to give them a good home. LOL