Friday, April 27, 2012

Twiddling my fingers

Usually I feel like I have lots to say, but this week I've been ...I'm not sure what the word would be.  Busy probably.  ;)  I've been playing with our camera, on Wednesday we spent lots of time in the kitchen making chili, beer bread AND peanut butter cookies in between naptime, preschool open house for Little Miss and faith formation.  (Apparently I like the challenge of trying to do 30 things in obscene time constraints)

Yesterday something funky was going on at the Y.  First the treadmill I usually use didn't want to work.  Yes it was plugged in but after a few minutes of poking at the buttons and getting no results, I moved on to a different one.  Then after about 15 minutes on this one, my calves were burning like nobody's business and I thought I would pass out, so I paused and gave them a good stretch before continuing on, but it wasn't pleasant.  Finally after finishing my half hour there, I went to lift weights.  Wrong.  The cables were all disconnected so I couldn't even do that.  Lame.  If I were more confident in not looking like a dumba*s lifting free weights, I would have done that.  :D  So instead I called it a day and ended up chatting with another lady for twenty minutes before heading home with Little Miss.

I hate trimming Ein's nails.  Ever since I cut the quick a couple of years ago when I attempted to do it myself, it's been meh.  At least he's gotten better at letting us do his front paws with little annoyance.  The back paws...well let's just say he goes way too long in between trims because he gets nasty upset about it.  Last night however we managed to distract him long enough and the hubby found the sweet spot of getting them done quickly and with little awkward maneuvering.  Which is always the hard part.  I can have him distracted all I want but if it takes too long to grab the paw, find the nail and clip, it's over.  So once again he has beautifully clipped nails and I won't have to worry about it for at least another month.  Phew!

Speaking of nails, last weekend Little Miss got her nails painted by her cousin.  They're pink with sparkles on top and she just loves them.  Well her nails were getting pretty scraggly and she refused to let hubby cut them because she was afraid it would ruin her paint job.  (Total girly girl there)  On Thursday I explained to her that I was going to cut off what was no longer painted and it'd be just fine.  After a minute of reluctance she was ready.  Guess mom just has that touch sometimes :D

The other reason I've been MIA this week is I've been taking an hour or so in the afternoons to get down with my nerdy word book.  It's been a nice 'break' from knitting and working the other side of my brain.  :D  (Or would it be the same part that reads across charts and sees the pattern....hmm) 

Over the weekend I picked up American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin.  So far I am really enjoying it although I would like to smack both Cora and her mother for being so obnoxious about their wealth and how obvious it is they want to be loved for their money and not for the brains they seemingly lack.  Moreso her mother I suppose because in the beginning you see that Cora is enamored by another man that has none of the qualities her mother thinks are suitable. 

This weekend we are off to our best friends' daughter's first birthday party!  I can't believe she's already one!  Everybody's babies are growing up way too quickly, including my own! 

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