Thursday, May 3, 2012

Boys' Clothes

It may be, it might be genetics, or it might be the way retail works, but my daughter has way too many clothes.  :)  She inherited my childhood dresser and it's already practically as full when I used it in high school!

As I mentioned on Facebook, buying clothes for girls is a disease.  I can't help myself.  They're always so darn cute and frilly and sweet and you  know that your daughter/niece/sister/any little girl will just look darling in it.

In the same breath that I tell my husband I ordered her more things, I also mention that Monster Bean is lacking in pants.  I mention this to him only because I really don't want to spend my afternoon doing laundry.  But I must, because on all of the nice days this week during which he could have worn shorts, he didn't and instead wore all of his pants. 

What drives me completely and utterly insane about boys' clothes is this.  Unless you are buying tee-shirts or shorts, it's really difficult to want to buy boy clothes.  In pants you are limited to wooly wintertime pants (he has a few pair of these which are obviously not summertime wear), jeans, khaki's, or sweatpants.  I'm not against him wearing sweatpants to school, I just dislike it unless it's a gym day.  I  mean, I don't want him to be fancy for school every day, but I don't want him to look like a slob either (does that make sense?).  Anyhow.  The other frustrating side is that everybody's child seems to be a size 6 because every time I do find something, that size is sold out.  Really?!  It seems that I have missed the size 6 pants bandwagon.

I guess I'll just pray for indefinite warm weather until fall (it's theoretically spring, right?) so I can ignore the pants problem until further notice.

And on the subject of clothes...yesterday my husband was complaining about my laundry schedule.  Because I have been doing it on Thursday's instead of the weekend, his sweat shorts don't get cleaned.  In response my thoughts are: if they didn't hide in his gym bag, they'd be in the basket which I take downstairs to do laundry and also, owning more than one pair of shorts is okay, I promise.  Come on, I go into the gym one day a week and I have like 30 pairs of shorts.  It's good to be prepared.  ;) 

Alright, random out :D


  1. Yeah, Joe does that, too... insisting that he needs only one of something, and then complains if I'm not on top of washing it. Dude, it's perfectly okay to have 2 pairs of khaki shorts to go with your 5,000 t-shirts. :)

  2. I actually buy Cillian too many clothes. He has way too much stuff and here I am perusing Gap and Mini Boden websites, looking for something I missed and must have. Sigh...(Terri aka ninja8tofu on Ravelry btw)