Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dinner Menu

I keep forgetting to make my page for this every week!  This week I'm trying a couple of new recipes, both from my son's school recipe book.

Carrot Casserole which sounded like basically super cheesy carrots topped with herb croutons.
Greek Spaghetti (minus the pimientos; hubby hates olives) which uses chicken and a mix of sour cream, mayo and cream of chicken as the sauce.

Our weekend was...dull and relaxing at the same time.  Hubby came back early from his fishing trip because Little Miss decided that torturing mom with no sleep among other things was tons of fun.  Saturday I spent the morning catching up on my scrapbooking and the other half playing "Dragon Age: Origins".  We ended the evening watching "The Hunt for Red October" which I have to say was really good and now I want to read the book!

This morning hubby woke up not feeling great and said he had had a fever earlier.  :(  So the kids and I spent the morning staying out of his way so he could sleep.  I was able to do a little house purging and finished up a few more scrapbook pages.  After I finish up this past Christmas I am going to have to buy the kids a new scrapbook (or extenders....)! 

My goal(s) for this week is/are

1. Finish Gramps Cardigan
2. Get to at least 10 repeats done on my shawl (I've done 6)
3. Get quality reading time in (I borrowed Swamplandia from the library)
4. Organize my piano music books (I need to invest in a decorative box or something)

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  1. Please share your reciepe for the carrots! My kids wrinkle their noses at carrots, even my saucily sweet carrots. But with cheese??? maybe. :)