Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Holy Busy Beavers Batman Pt 3

Okay, this one isn't really about us, but my dog.  :)  I love throwing and wrestling with him and any tied rope.  He thinks it's great fun.  He also thinks it's pretty awesome to annihilate said rope and leave clumps of string all over the house which I am constantly picking up.  It's pretty gross and I always swear I won't buy him another one...until I do.  (Which in turn causes my husband to give me those crazy women looks like I can't learn my lesson :D )

Awhile back I had seen lots of crafters on Etsy making dog ropes out of tee shirts.  They seem to be a better option than having fragments of rope littered around my house so I pondered over where to buy one from.  I admit I ruled out one store because they no longer offered them in a 3 pack which made me sad.  Finally I found a new shop, The Painted Moose,  that offers tie dyed tee shirt dog ropes.  They come in sizes medium, small and extra small.  She sent a really sweet note with dog treats along with the toy.  The toy is, I must say, Ein approved.

You know you want to play with me.  Come on.  Please?

Look I'll even pick it up for you.

Wooooo!  I told you it'd be fun.

It's been a couple of days and I have not seen any evidence of tee shirt droppings in the house and I know he's been gnawing on the ends.  Yay!

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  1. Your dog is so cute! I may have to try making one of these tee shirt ropes myself.