Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I work out....

I find it really weird that my lungs don't mind being ambushed by paint chemicals in a stuffy gym while I run but suddenly feel assaulted and on fire when I try to run outside for a block.  What the heck?

My indoor running shoes have decided they're done.  I know this because one day I ran just fine and the next day my feet were against me.  They didn't like it much better today either so I know it isn't just me.  :)  This is what prompted me to put on my outdoor running shoes and give it a whirl.  Except when I did that I discovered that while my legs were all for it, my lungs were not.  I also discovered that my dog isn't into running with me anymore.  When we first got him he'd eagerly run with me.  Now he seems to think it's below his short legs to even trot.  So I look like a jerk dog owner dragging his poor butt behind me as I barely even jog myself.  It truly is a sad sight.  So back to the Y I go!

Luckily yesterday my husband finally got on the ball and ordered me new shoes.  I had selected 3 pairs but knew that at least one of them was probably not the best for treadmill running.  I know they say it doesn't make a big difference (I looked it up at a few runners forums), but it really does.  My light outdoor shoes kill my ankles when I use them on the treadmill.  So I need a sturdier shoe that can take on the treadmill.

Over the weekend we were in Albertville, MN (the great outlet shop!) and I found some shorts at Gap that were on sale.  (Okay, not as on sale as was advertised....)  They are awesome.  They're spandexy without being suctioned to your butt and breathable.  They fit awesome and are nice and stretchy and I am really glad I bought two pairs.  :)

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