Monday, August 6, 2012

Hometown Olympics

To celebrate the Summer Olympics I thought it would be a lot of fun to put together our own mini Olympics.  We started by putting together pictures of the Olympic rings and wrote "My Olympic Dream" on it and then made a couple of pictures of what they would want to compete in.

I made medals out of bake clay and Monster Bean painted 3 gold ones and 3 silver ones yesterday.  This morning before we headed out I made up our board of events.

First Event: Hula Hoop Jump
At first I had them placed several feet out but when I had a tough time jumping to the first one we figured we'd revamp it :D

Second Event: Soccer ball kick
I originally thought Little Miss would have the upper hand on this one but Monster Bean gave some strong kicks.  :)  It then of course turned into a run around the park kicking the soccer ball game :)

Third event: tee-ball
Monster Bean has been hitting really well this week so I thought he'd have this one.  Little Miss surprised us with a really strong hit :D

Medal Ceremony
As we handed out the medals the hubby jokingly started singing O Canada :)

Happy Olympics!

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