Monday, January 17, 2011

Productivity Level

Of course on the one day where I could theoretically sleep in a little without feeling bad about it, everybody, including me, is up at 7:30.  Go figure.  The little ones and I played with the science kit mixing colors, shining up pennies with lemon juice and watching how oil and water don't mix.  A pretty fun way to spend an hour!

Then I found myself ungrudgingly doing the dishes (this is usually hubby's job), whipping up lunch AND starting on chili for tonight.  After lunch I separated clothes and started a load.  It really isn't all that much, and yet I'm already feeling wiped out.  :)  As hubby was leaving to go back to work I joked that there is no way I'd ever be able to be this productive every single day.  I'd go absolutely nuts.  Then I said "I like this 60/40 arrangement we have of duties" and he responds with "Yeah, I do 60 and you do the 40?"  Men.  Such smartasses.

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