Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Clothes Weeding

Every once in awhile I feel the urge to purge my closet.  Not necessarily to make room for new clothes, although that certainly is a consequence every once in awhile.  Mostly because sometimes, it's really difficult to make room for anything in the closet because of all the stuff that's in there...and let's face it, I know I don't wear a lot of it and don't plan to wear a lot of it.  It's just there.  Taking up space.  Precious space.  :)

Last night I loaded myself up with my MP3 player, a glass of wine (if you've never tried it, you should really taste some Sweet Red, it's soooo good; I had Barefoot Sweet Red) and closed the door.  Forty-five minutes later I emerged with 2 large garbage bags filled with jeans, shirts, and random other things.  Now usually I separate everything out for what I might plan on selling to some place like Plato's Closet.  This time I just put it all into bags and will drop them off at Goodwill. 

The sad thing about this, is that I purged a lot and yet my closet is still stuffed to the brim with clothes!  A second look though will tell you that 90% of the tops in my closet are handknit by me.  So that makes me feel a little better.  :)

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