Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My little girl is such a mimicker!  She sees our cats and leans down and instantly goes "Meow!"  But in that cute little girl voice :)  Whenever we walk in the door and if Ein is out of his kennel she instantly says "Hi Ein!" or when she hears the back door open in the afternoon she screams "Dada!"  She is so stinkin' cute!  Where does she get this from?  Monster Bean of course screaming it and her just knowing what's going on.  It's adorable.

Tonight we were driving home from Faith Formation and were listening to Banjo Beatbox when I started singing and then Monster Bean joined in only to be followed by the loud yammering of Little Miss.  We were quite the trio singing all the way home.  :)

One of my favorites though is when Little Miss hands me her doll and I kiss the baby after holding her.  Little Miss takes the baby, cuddles her, sucks on her nose and then smacks her lips and hands her back.  While I know it's a baby kiss, it's absolutely hilarious to see her just suck on that doll's nose and then make a smacking nose and hand her to me.  :)

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