Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It isn't like it was news before, but my mom once again totally confirmed that my daughter is my exact replica.  Bouncing off the walls?  Check.  Leaping from every surface and loving it?  Check.  Although I am thankful that we only have stairs in our basement, otherwise I too might be getting bombarded by a stair leaping toddler.  :)

It's sweet thinking of how independent she'll be and totally one of a kind.  But it's also terrifying in a way...knowing that she's going to be just as stubborn and wanting as I am.

When I was a senior in highschool I wanted the outrageously overpriced photobook that was engraved with all kinds of dumb sayings on the front for my graduation.  My parents thought the price was ridiculous and I argued about it and told them how I'd save my way to buy it...before they thought I made a good argument and ordered it.  Or when I was in college and wanted to move into my friend's open apartment, I drew out a budget sheet of how I was going to afford living on my own with the job I had AND going to college.  These are the kinds of things I probably have to look forward to.  :)  yay?

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