Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I should be getting ready for bed but I have a small sip of wine left and I've been on a wild mine cart ride in Lego Indiana Jones for the past 20 minutes so my head is a little dizzy.  Wooooo!  No it isn't just the wine, trust me :)

Apparently our little princess pea doesn't like new beds for the first night.  Friday night she was a hellcat and nobody in our room got any sleep.  The Mister was up with Little Miss all night and I was up all night because *I* was uncomfortable and Little Miss was up.  :(  Thankfully she settled right in on Saturday night, which is more than I can say for myself.  It was another horrible restless night for me.  Hmm, maybe she really is my spitting image in every way!

I am so glad we have Storytime to go to during the week.  It really breaks up the staying indoors because it's too butta*s cold to do anything outside.  Even if we have to hustle on out because Little Miss is too independent and adventurous for her own good, at least we get out of the house for 45 minutes or so!

This week Monster Bean wanted a book on how to make paper airplanes.  Upon coming back home we spent the next hour folding three different airplanes (the Egret, Peregrine I can't remember) and he colored them all nice and pretty.  :)  Then we were going to work on a 'knowledge book' but didn't get super far.  Monster Bean's knowledge book is going to be on airplanes and Little Miss is 'coloring' fairies.  I have a feeling that they will end up being just prettility colored pictures!  That's okay.

It's March and it's cold and I just want spring to be here!  Today it might have been 15 degrees, but the wind chill was 15-20 below 0 and the wind speeds were ridiculous.  It might as well have just not even gotten above zero to begin with.  Boo.

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