Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I've been neglecting this blog pretty badly and I apologize!  Even if the sun isn't shining and it's still storming well into March, I can tell that it's spring by the plethora of birthdays!  In a 2 month span, 90% of my friends are turning 30 and my husband and I are turning 29.  One girlfriend had a bowling party (I definitely felt like I was a little kid again; especially playing in the little kid bumper lane), another friend is having a zombie themed birthday party!

With the temperatures actually going up I've been taking my pup on a walk pretty much every day.  He has been loving it even if it means he gets a bath afterward.  :)  Now I feel like not such a blob on the couch because I can get outside finally without freezing my butt off! 

At Little Miss' check up last week I was asking the doctor about eating habits.  Little Miss *loves* to eat.  But she is also ridiculously active and hardly ever just sitting still.  He was telling me to basically let her eat as much as she wants and only to monitor it if she starts to slow down in activity, otherwise she's perfectly healthy and I shouldn't worry.  I then also brought up Monster Bean's lack of enthusiasm about vegetables/fruit.  He told me again not to worry and that as long as they're available, he'll come around when he needs them.  Which I've seen in the past where he'll gobble up a ton of corn or green beans and then he'll go months without touching them again.  At least he'll always eat a banana :)

Yesterday a mom friend of mine and I were talking about 'safety' words because Little Miss loves a good chase.  She told me that one of her friends has a 'safety' word that the kids know means to stop immediately so they don't get hurt.  For instance with plug-ins or anything hot they say 'danger' instead of 'do not touch' since little kids hear no a lot and it starts to mean nothing.  So I'm going to try and think of some words that aren't no to let the kids know when to stop chasing.  :)

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