Friday, April 8, 2011

Washing hands

Seriously, I wash  my hands sooooooo much.  And not because I'm a germophobe, but because I feel compelled to wash my hands after changing poopy diapers, after handling dog poop even though I pick it up with a bag, I have to wash my hands after doing my hair/putting on makeup before putting my contacts in (unless I like crying and having red eyes!), I wash my hands after going to the bathroom (well duh) or after cleaning.  I know that these are things that require you to wash your hands, it just always seems that they're always happening so I'm always washing my hands!

For instance this morning I had just put lotion on my hands and was content just sitting on the couch and then Little Miss poops, so I change her and tie up the garbage and wash my hands.  Then it's like I have to go to the bathroom, so wash my hands again!  No wonder my hands are always so dry!  :)  And if it weren't for the fact that I feel like most hand sanitizers leave my hands feeling sticky, I'd probably do that.  :D

Now if only I could instill this habit into my 4 year old, I'd be set!  :)

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