Thursday, June 2, 2011

We're back! Again!

It's been a super long hiatus but we're back!  :)  I will be figuring out a schedule so I'll have something to write about every day (or every other...!).  But for now to begin with, all I have to say is that my kids are growing up way too fast!  Where did the time go?  One second they're newborns and tiny and small and sweet and all they do is sleep and poop, and now they're independent creatures with the biggest stubborn streak you've ever seen.  Well, that I've ever seen because of course I don't recognize the stubborn in me.  :P  This is all riding in on the tidal wave that is my other friends having babies and bringing back the 'awww' moments of newness.  :)

I was joking with a friend that it's kind of cool being the 'experienced' parents on the block because we've got street cred in parenting.  But then it's also a little daunting because sometimes I get questions like "When do babies have head control" or "when did MissK or MrJ do this?"  Ummmm without referencing baby books or their scrapbook, idunno.  Then I feel dumb for not knowing on the spot.

But really, a lot of these milestones I anticipated and looked forward to and then once they were done I mentally checked it off as 'done!' and forgot about it because it became a part of our lives.  It definitely isn't something ingrained in me as permanent knowledge.  Kind of like when you cram for a test and a lot of those facts just drain out once you see your score....  :)

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