Friday, September 2, 2011

Back to school week!

I was joking to a friend of mine the other day that what I love most about back to school are all of the picnics for various functions....which means less cooking for me to do!  :D  I have cooked dinner twice this week.  Monday there was a gymnastics sign up and picnic, Wednesday I had a Faith Formation picnic with 'training', and last night there was the official Back to School picnic.  Have I eaten more than my fair share of hot dogs and chips?  Sure.  But well worth it.  :)

Monster Bean loooooves going to school every day.  He loves that he's just like daddy in that he has somewhere to go every day but on the weekend.  I think he also really likes that there's plenty of playtime involved as well :D

Little Miss likes the fact that Monster Bean is away too.  More mama time for her.  For the most part we have a good schedule going on.  After we drop Monster Bean off it's coloring time for us.  So far I've printed off letters A & B for her to 'learn' and mostly scribble on.  I also bought her a Crayola sketchbook to be a sort art journal (I can't remember which blog I was reading, but she did the same for her son).  Don't be fooled, to Little Miss this meant she could scribble on every blank page (which being brand new, was a lot!).  But I think she really likes having something to do in the morning for an hour.  Then, if it's nice out, we play outside 'til it's time to pick up Monster Bean.  Sometimes we'll throw in a short cartoon in between all of this.  But it's been nice.

I'm a little sad because I don't think I'll be able to start Monster Bean in swimming in September.  The hubby has a short trip away but it would be over one of the days where both kids would be in something and obviously there's only one of me :D  So hopefully next month because I know how much he loves it!

Piano lessons have also picked up so I now find myself with 6 kids and I think it's adorable how when I see them at various school things they are always excited to come over and say hi.  Yesterday I had a new one start and then 2 hours later at the school picnic he ran over to me and waved and grinned.  So sweet!

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