Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Duck and cover

Every fall I tell myself that I will stop acting like a pansy and twitching whenever I see a wasp.  And every fall inevitably I freak myself out to the point where going outside seems soooooo horrible unless it's the crack of dawn or dusk.  This of course was made worse last summer by the giant underground wasp nest we had.  This year just when I think "hey, it isn't so bad", something like today happens and I feel really really dumb.  :D

I have no idea if this is the last week we'll see the 80's, but I desperately did not want to waste it by sitting inside.  It was gorgeous enough to fill up the pool and take the kids out for an hour.  So that's what we did and I even had the dog out with us to blob out.  I even took the extra precaution to set out some sugar water to at least distract the one or two wasps that like to frequent our garden.  (Not that that did any good I might add)  Things are good until a wasp finds my ear really interesting and I, not even kidding, dive into the ice cold water practically knocking my kids over.  Doh.  Luckily they thought I was being silly and commenced tons of splashing.  This happens once more before I have to mentally tell myself to get a grip.  There isn't a drove of them, there are two.  Max.  And one of them almost got eaten by the dog.  Obviously they didn't find us very interesting because they left us alone for the rest of the afternoon, but part of me thinks it's because they know they got me to act really dumb ;)

The other funny thing I kept meaning to blog about is our dog.  Apparently I have him so well trained that even when his kennel isn't in its regular spot, he'll go and sit where it should be and patiently wait for breakfast.  It's just too cute and I giggle every time I see it!

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