Friday, September 9, 2011

Drooly Face

I noticed the other night that my dog has more of a drooly face than normal.  :(  So of course in a panic I turned to Google (in my defense it was too early for the vet to be open) and on our morning walk I began to fret that he was going to explode from some horrible cancerous liver disease caused by a wart in his mouth.  Upon further inspection of his mouth (sweet pup actually let me jam my fingers into his mouth and poke around and feel his teeth/gums, not once, not twice, but three different times) I discover that there's no weird protrusions, no cracked teeth, no weirdly discolored teeth, nada.  At the same time I noticed that he hasn't drooled since he woke up and ate, but I called the vet anyway to ease my fears.  She assured me that it sounded like maybe he had a bad taste in his mouth and now that he had eaten he was probably fine, but to keep an eye on it.

Then yesterday I notice that he only drools in his sleep.  So I consult a friend and her husband who have 2 big dogs and he's had dogs all his life and they assure me it's fine as long as he's his happy go lucky self.

This morning I'm still fretting so yes, I pulled out a toothbrush and brushed his teeth.  I can't say he's a big fan of the toothbrush, but he did at least let me scrubber them a bit.  I'm  hoping that over the weekend it clears up.  If not I'm going to call the vet again, if nothing else to reassure me or at least get his teeth poked at again.  Which I'm not looking forward to.  He's definitely okay with mom poking in his mouth and brushing him and doing all the grooming stuff.  But if someone else does it...well let's just say he is none too happy about it.

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