Sunday, September 11, 2011

Football means fall

It seems like such a long time between football seasons.  The drought of having nothing to watch/get excited over during the winter (I'm not big into baseball, but it's growing on me in bouts of boredom) and the resurgence of hope in the fall.  To me football means

cooler weather coming
Sunday's filled with sitting in front of the TV cheering for all the teams, homemade pizza and staying up a little too late to watch the last 2 minutes of a really good game

Okay I thought I had more, but those are the two prominent ones!  I'm even more invested this year because of my Fantasy Football League.

And to kind of tie into this post....

because it will be getting cooler that means to break out the boots!  :)  Boots and sweaters and jeans and skinny pants.  Okay, skinny pants kind of automatically go with boots, but whatever.  I bought a sweet pair of brown boots a few weeks ago from KMart (what a steal and they're super cute) and just picked up another pair, but this time gray ruffly heeled boots from Charlotte Russe.  Love it!  Plus I've been knitting up a storm for cold weather gear and can't wait to break those out as well.

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