Friday, September 16, 2011

Swimming Day 2

I realize now that I never wrote up how Wednesday went as far as swimming!  Well, aside from my first time getting back in the water overdoing it want to throw up reaction, it went well.  :)  Today went much better and that makes me happy that I'll be able to put in a full hour soon!

I'm also really hoping to keep an online diary of my workouts so I can see my progression and have something else to talk about!

This morning I started off with a 300m warm up.  I alternated breast stroke and freestyle (50 of each and then 25 of each).  After my warm up I did the kickboard for 200 meters (50 breast stroke, 50 free, 100 IM).  If I had some leg buoys I would have done arm pulls but that is on my list of things to buy along with flippers!  Then I ended with a 200m cool down and then onto my favorite!  Flip turns!  I admit that even in HS my favorite part of practice was doing flip turns.

Not too bad for a half hour work out!  Since my schedule (and the childcare schedule....) only works for me 3 days a week, I'm hoping to sneak in a weekend weight lifting stint on Saturday's.  Last time I did swimming with my friend I noticed that the weight lifting combined with swimming was super awesome!  :D

The only sucktastic thing is that the goodhealth program doesn't apply to my insurance since it's run through NC and not ND.  Poopy.  I would have really enjoyed getting a kickback for simply going to the gym.  :D

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