Saturday, September 17, 2011

Crafts with kids!

One of my favorite parts about being a SAHM is that I get to do crafts with the kids and random science experiments.  For Christmas last year (or was it two years ago?) Monster Bean received a preschool science kit that included 10 different idea cards, beakers, goggles, tweezers, etc.  His favorite experiment is to mix colors.  No matter how times we've done it before, he loves to do it.  I think it's because we get to use the food coloring and lots of water :)  I've always loved Friday's but I love them even more now because they are my one rare 'weekday' where I don't have any thing going on.  It's fabulous.  So in the afternoon once Little Miss was up from her nap I set up some cups, grabbed the food coloring and filled the measuring cup with water and let them go wild.

Little Miss' favorite part of course was simply stirring the water around and around and around!  :)

Later we made bread dough ornaments for fall decorations.  I love checking out craft books from the library although I admit I often forget to buy supplies to do any of them.  But this one had lots of great crafts and surprise!  I had the ingredients :D

I definitely think I want to make more for fall decorations and make a wreath out of them, but that will require a little more planning.  Overall it was a great craft to do with the kids and I mostly kept Little Miss from eating her ornament...  :)

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