Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wiley church goers

While we all know that Jesus calls the little children, I'm not sure everyone appreciates it.  Especially on a day like today when my kids were nuts.  Well, it isn't fair to say that they were both crazy as my oldest was actually pretty good all things considering.  It's the little one.  The stinker doodle.  The one who thinks she's too cute to get into trouble that was utterly ridiculous.  Sigh.  I think I really need to stop bringing my purse to church.  It seems that she thinks my purse is a free playground and always goes for the things she shouldn't have.  Like my phone.  Or my makeup bag.  Or a pen and wants to draw in the missalette.  Sigh.

Today at least we had another mom behind us and grandparents who were very sweet.  It always makes me feel better knowing that the people I'm sitting by don't seem so annoyed that my kids are making a racket.  Even when Little Miss decided she was going to scream bloody murder for a minute nobody seemed to flinch and their body language didn't yell back "Politely take your child OUT!"  We did however need to rush her out when she body slammed her nose against the pew and she got a bloody nose.  :( 

Today was definitely one of those days where the only time I was able to pay attention was...well never. 

On a different note however Monster Bean has been wanting to say a short grace at the table before we eat (which is just precious).  It isn't always right before we eat, in fact a lot of times it's halfway through our meal.  But it's cute that he remembers and wants to do it.

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