Sunday, October 2, 2011

Potty Adventures Day 3....

Technically today is day 3 in potty training, but yesterday doesn't really count as Little Miss was only in her undies for 2 hours and the rest of the day was spent in diapers.

I see progress today and that makes me happy!  No actual peeing in the potty, but she's at least made it into the bathroom.  The first time I asked DH to bring her in the bathroom since it had been an hour since snack time and I figured she'd probably be prime for going.  And she was.  Too bad DH was distracted by football to get her on the potty so she figured the floor was just as good.  At least it was on the bathroom floor!  The second time I was in the bathroom and I see Little Miss rounding the corner and as she gets in front of the door I see her squeeze her legs together and I'm frantically finishing what I'm doing and she comes in and just explodes pee everywhere.  She manages to sit down on her potty chair but by then it's too late.  The worst part?  Pee puddles look amazing like water puddles and so she commenced splashing in them.  This means someone got an early bath today!

So while she hasn't actually peed in her potty, I'm just happy she's starting to get that she needs to get to the bathroom and by clenching her legs that means she knew she had to pee!  So woohoo!

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