Monday, October 10, 2011

Random Monday

Oh man, between yesterday and today I can't seem to get a sensible complete thought between anything!  :D  I'll just fill you in on some of my random craziness because it's actually pretty hilarious.

Yesterday we had Little Miss in her undies.  It's bath time and she is throwing her bath toys in the tub and she's naked and I see this trickle of water spewing down her legs.  So I start yelling "oh no oh no oh no!  get on the potty" and she looks almost terrified.  DH comes in and starts laughing and asks "Are you sure it wasn't her dolphin who was peeing on the floor?"  Sure enough it was her water tub toy that was spilling out water, not her peeing.  Doh.

Today after her check up I was reading through the material they gave me on what 2 year olds should be/could be doing.  One of the things read "Always put a helmet on your child" and then my mind just stopped reading.  So I said "Well that's funny...oh wait, it says 'Always put a helmet on your child when riding a tricycle.'  Makes more sense now."  Oh man.

Yesterday I was volunteering at a church breakfast and DH shows up with the kids.  My mommy friends snuck up behind me and giggled saying "We were just saying how you can just tell when your husband dresses the kids!"  True enough, here Little Miss was dressed up in her Raider's tee, scrunched up leggings and purple boots and messy hair.  At least nothing obviously mismatched, but they were right, you can tell when he dresses her.  :)

Also on that note, on Saturday morning I asked him to put her hair up in a ponytail and I walked into the kitchen to see her with a giant side ponytail.  Awesome.  :P

I am so not ready for another week to be here, but here we are, it's Monday!

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