Thursday, December 1, 2011

24 days until Christmas!

Even though Advent officially began this last Sunday, Advent Calendars didn't start until today, December 1st!  I remember as a child having a a chocolate Advent calendar and being excited to get a small piece every day until Christmas.

My husband had seen the Lego Advent Calendars before but it wasn't until last year that we actually bought one.  They aren't exactly cheap ($35-50 depending on when you buy it) but for 24 days worth of Lego's to build, it is well worth it.  Last year we had Lego City and this year the theme is Star Wars!  Monster Bean couldn't wait to get started and woke up extra bright and early this morning asking if he could open the first flap.

Here is the set up for the Lego Advent calendar

And our first Lego!

The other thing I really like about this calendar is that you get extra pieces in every little bag so if you lose a piece, chances are you'll easily have a replacement!  :)

Some Christmas gifts have started to arrive in the mail which is driving Monster Bean a little crazy.  He thinks he knows what he's getting and yesterday when UPS showed up at our door he begged me to let him open it.  I guess that's one downside to ordering online and your kids aren't at school full time yet!

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