Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Potty Chronicles

You may remember that a few months back I attempted potty training Little Miss.  It didn't go so hot.  I recognized this fact and backed off, not wanting to completely annihilate any chance I had of succeeding this year.  The past month or so she had been showing a more active interest in going potty, going so far as to pull down her own pants and sit down and then pretend to wipe.  I figured Christmas break was as good a time as any to start potty training.

Day 1 was Tuesday.  It was chock full of accidents and near-misses (okay, full on misses).  I admit to being a little disheartened and feeling that we were never going to get there.

Day 2 was today.  Only one accident!  And that was this morning.  This afternoon Little Miss went twice in the potty, once of her own knowledge.  I decided that today I was going to get her going on potty breaks every half hour for 5 minutes just to get her used to taking a break.  I think this helped tremendously.  I should count her peeing in the bathtub as an accident because she had just been on the potty....but whatever.

I am looking forward to the rest of this week to see if it sticks and if next week when we go back out into the 'real world' she can do it.  Because believe me when I saw I can't wait for the diapers to disappear.  :D

Also, I forgot how many pairs of underwear you need when you start potty training.  I thought she was good with 6 pairs.  Nope, doesn't help much when in between accidents and mom accidentally setting them down in a wet tub.  :D

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