Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Bday Sis

Every year I feel compelled to write something about my sister on/around her birthday.  I feel the need to write about someone I never met, someone I can only invent stories in my mind about and someone I would like to think would have been my best friend.

On this day my sister would be turning 24.  At 24 I was already married and expecting our first baby.  Would she have been?  Maybe she would have continued on to grad school, something I had thought about doing but never did.  Or maybe she'd already have a rocking job somewhere exciting so I would have an excuse to go and visit her and go somewhere fun.

I think why I feel the need to write about her, is that she never became a person.  No baby sister stories to think about, no thick as thieves plots to relive, no stories, no memories.  Only this weird thread of 'what could have been'. 

So in honor of her, a big ol' Happy Bday to my baby sister.

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  1. I don't think this is wierd at all. In fact I think it is very sweet. People often wish for things they can't or don't have. No, not wierd at all. ♥