Sunday, January 8, 2012

Maybe it will come back

I've had this great idea for a blog post for the past two days now but every time I think about blogging, I've had something else to do.  Now that I'm available for blogging, the concept completely evades me.  So instead I'll ramble along until it either a) comes to me or b) I feel I've prattled on long enough and cut myself off.  :D

Tonight after dinner Little Miss is cuddling my husband on the couch.  When I finish, I curl up next to her and she isn't a fan.  Instantly she tells me "Go back mommy!  Go back!"  I give the hubsters a kiss and of course she can't be left out for the second I start moving, she turns her head and plants a giant smooch on my face.  Awwww!  :)

Today my house reverted from Christmas joy to normal.  Well I take that back a bit, the tree is still up but only because the hubby hasn't found time to take it down yet.  But the ornaments and all other decorations are down and in the storage area! 

Okay well I admit defeat.  Now I can't concentrate on much to sound sensible!

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