Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Valentine's Day Gifts

Generally I don't go big for Valentine's Day gifts.  There are honestly only so many Valentine's Day themed stuffed animals you can have before they start finding their way to the garbage can, the bottom of the pile or forgotten and left for the dog to chew on.  This is because they are not unique, they're something that come out every year and it's boring.  Unless of course you've never received one, then it's fun and new!  ;)

This year I found the perfect gifts for my kids.  At Williams Sonoma their Star Wars cookie cutters have gone on sale.  I admit I had a really hard time deciding between the heroes .vs. villains set and the spaceships.  (And in truth I was going to get both, but then you factor in shipping, taxes and then I realized I would then want to turn around and equal that amount for  Little Miss' gift....it became a number bigger than I wanted)  In the end I ordered the spaceships cookie cutter set.  I can't wait to get them and to see Monster Bean to open them!

The other gift I ordered is from a friend at the Handmade Artist's Shop (TRusk4U).  I knew she made little girl jewelry and asked her if she could make a Valentine's themed charm bracelet for Little Miss.  She PM'd me a picture of what she had come up with and it is perfection!!!!!  I know that this is something that will be cherished for a very long time!

The hubby wants a new game set (I can't keep track; he has one that he plays with regularly, another one that he just wanted to paint, and now a new game altogether!) that he is buying from a friend.  We talked about doing halfsies, but I'm thinking I might just swoop it up for him and surprise him.

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