Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why I love staying home

This morning as I was going about my business I realized that I really do love the menial tasks that staying at home brings.  I won't say that I love everything about staying at home (well gee, because you stay at home means you get to clean everything!  not always a plus), but there are definitely times when I step back and think "Wow, this is pretty awesome that I can do this."

For instance, last night about 10 I realized I hadn't mixed together the SW Rice salad for lunch today.  Well good thing I stay at home because I could put it off until after Monster Bean was dropped off at school and it would be chilled enough for lunch.  Bonus!

Or I can sit and fold the leftover laundry in the morning while Little Miss' allotted hour of cartoons are on and get that all done and be on time for swimming.  Bonus!

I love that I can get things done and ready for later without having to rush.  If anyone knows me, they know I hate rushing to things.  I hate being late because it means rushing and then I just feel all disheveled and out of sorts.  I hate panicking that I don't have everything because I didn't have time to prepare.  Bonus!

The biggest thing I realized that I love about staying at home, is that even though everyone in my house overslept this morning, we were still on time for school and nobody had to rush.  Super bonus!

So that's what I was thinking this morning.  :)

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  1. There are so many bonuses to staying home. I love being home and not having to rush every morning getting everyone ready. While I do have a schedule in the mornings I enjoy it peacefully.
    I love being home to cook and clean and laundry I love the Chores that comes with being home.