Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Barfing House

Okay, I admit that makes things sound a lot worse than they really are.  Last week Little Miss had barfing incidents that were not flu related, just...tummy hurting related.  What fascinates me is that immediately afterwards the last time, she launched herself onto her brother and acted like she hadn't just had her third bath of the day or barfed all over me, the couch, the blankets and herself.  Sigh  Then there is Friday night.  Out of nowhere, at 11:30 at night, my  husband disappears (literally, disappeared; he was in his chair one second, the next I heard him in the bathroom) and I hear the horrible sound of 'bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech'.  It turns my stomach to think of it now even.  After several minutes of this he too hops up and is like "I'm good".  Um, what?  Lastly Monster Bean had a similar episode last night.  Out of absolutely nowhere, 10 minutes before my piano lesson I hear my husband yelling "Stop stop!  Not there!" and again "bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeech".  Oh man.  Luckily I was able to get a hold of my student's mom before they drove across town for a piano lesson I wanted to cancel.  Phew.

It wasn't the flu for any of them.  No fevers, no continuous barfing, just these weird one incident (or in Little Miss' case, a few) things where they were barfing.  Seeing as I'm the only one who has escaped the barfing incident, I'm feeling slightly worried that I'll be hit next and without any warning.  At least with the flu you generally have a fever that goes with it and you know that you're out of sorts.  Please pray that I don't end up having a barfing episode somewhere in the pool :)

And on THAT note.  The pool was ungodly warm today.  And I mean it felt like you were swimming in a bathtub.  I admit it was really difficult wanting to even try and do a mile.  But I sucked it up and inhaled all of my water and got it done.  Also, it's very difficult to go on your merry way when the lifeguard does nothing but stare into the pool.  I realize that being a lifeguard when there's one person in the pool is probably not very exciting.  But at least all of the other lifeguards read a book and I don't feel like they're staring at me in case I drown at any second.  Because you know lap swimmers are apt to sink to the bottom of the pool.  I think it weirds me out more because the last time he was the lifeguard and I was in the pool alone, he must have been antsy because he walked around the pool constantly until I left.

Valentine's Day is coming up and I have no idea what to do.  I'll be teaching piano and the kids have swimming, so any sort of date is pretty much out of the question.  Not that it's a big deal, we don't usually go nuts over Valentine's Day.  But I haven't even thought about if we'll do anything at home.  Tuesday's have become pretty hectic with lessons, babysitters, swimming and such.  It might be postponed 'til a later date, like that Friday :)  Hubby's gift came in the mail and I find it hilarious how he asks to have his present early, gets denied, then makes up another reason to open it that is totally plausible, but just a sneaky way to open it.  Men.  :D 

Lastly, Little Miss has been doing great with getting to the potty to poop.  I knew it'd happen eventually, but bit by bit the past week she's been actively getting to the potty to poop.  There are still accidents but hey, that's expected.  :)

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