Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Finger painting good!

This morning I had a full day planned.  :)  We started off by mixing a new set of fingerpaints with new colors.  I followed the instructions on the back of the food coloring box to create purple, teal and mint alongside regular red and a dusty rose color.  We hit a roadblock right away.  Little Miss tipped over her small container of fingerpaint all over one of our chairs, her toes, dripped it onto the floor.  A tiny bit was salvageable and the rest actually cleaned up really nicely.  The rest of the day went accident free I'm happy to report :D

Here's our fingerpainting fun!

After this we went on to jester hats for Mardi Gras tomorrow! 

I love how much fun construction paper, safety scissors and glue can be :)

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