Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In the water

I realized it's been awhile since I talked about swimming.  Yep, I'm still going!  :)  My first goal was to hit 1600 meters (about 1 mile) and since that's been hit awhile ago, I've been thinking of what to go for next.  I decided it would be a more fluid swim.  Aside from my original 200 once I hit the pool, I'm more of a 50 free 50 breaststroke kinda girl.  So I decided to start lifting weights and doing a day of the elliptical.  Okay, that's also because usually on Thursday's I can't get in the pool until a little bit later and it really throws my whole day off.  But last week I went to the gym for 45 minutes and I noticed on Friday and even today that swimming 100's of everything wasn't nearly as horrible as they once were.  In fact, something I've been noticing, is that I'm in much better swimming shape than I was in HS swimming!  I not-super-accurately time myself and it takes me approximately 20-25 minutes to swim 800 meters and that's with stopping after every hundred for a 15-20 second rest.  So I'm pretty proud of myself there, considering in HS it took me 20+ minutes to swim 500 meters at EDC!  Yikes.

My swim partner had to split away from our morning session for now.  She's been finding the afternoons easier to get to, so it's just been me and the random other people who show up in the morning.

I'm also tickled pink because I upgraded our membership to a family one and so my hubby has been setting up his schedule to work out!  I have felt slightly guilty that I've found a great routine that works for me and he didn't have anything.  But now we're getting into a rhythm and it's fantastic!  :)

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