Monday, February 27, 2012

Lingerie Shopping

I used to not mind bra shopping.  Even though before babies I was this weird size that was incredibly difficult to find, I was at least able to find lots of cute stuff that fit well.  Since then even though I'm a size that's easy to find....the styles are ridiculous so that nothing fits, not even kind of well.  It's frustrating and just really annoying.  It's nearly impossible to find anything that isn't a super duper push up 'guaranteed' to give you 2 more cups (O.o) or with gel packs, so much stuffing that you might as well save the extra $20 and stuff it yourself, or that squeeze, pucker and pinch.  On Saturday I did some light shopping and on a whim decided to try on a few that I had found and looked decent.  I'm really glad that I did because they fit perfectly!  :)  So despite their plainness I'm super happy about that find because I won't secretly feel uncomfortable with all the weirdness that happens when you're wearing a horribly fitting bra.  :)

In random other news, I had planned on staying inside all day and maybe making some cookies since Monster Bean has the day off from school (late start = no Pre K!).  Well, Little Miss ran out of wipes.  So while I am not necessarily forced to go this instant, I will have to go before her nap.  The hubby said that roads weren't terrible, just a little slick so that doesn't worry me so much.

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