Saturday, March 17, 2012

Did you wear green?

It's nearing the end of St Patty's Day and I managed to get a second to upload my pictures and sit down for a minute!  :)

Hubby started the day off right with some shamrock pancakes.


Then after some errand running and lunchtime and naptime we went out for a walk and playtime in the yard

It's March, I only spent 2 hours outside and my shoulders are pink!  I had to do a double take because there's no way that should be possible, but sure enough, even hubby commented on it.  :)

Tonight we made corned beef with potatoes and cabbage.  Yum!  And I'm super excited for dinner Friday, we're making shrimp stir fry with General Tso sauce!  It's been a long time since we made shrimp in the house!

Also my yarn came in the mail today!  It was a pleasant surprise since I wasn't expecting it 'til Monday.  I started the lacy kimono by SweaterBabe and I have to's a little frustrating because it's only written explicitly to a certain point which means that between flipping between 3 different charts, I also have to write down at which rows in the future I'll have to decrease, do one set of opposite twisting cables, also noting which cables which go where and when, plus the alternating cable which twists at a completely different row.  And of course they all occur at different rows so I have to tick off future row numbers there.  I have 5 different post-it notes open on my laptop just to keep things straight!  A bit of work but not enough to deter me from  knitting it.  :D

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