Friday, March 16, 2012

Almost 80 in March

It's unbelievable that it's mid-March and the high was 78.  Ridiculous!  Once Little Miss was awake we took Ein for a walk and then played outside until dinner time.  It was just gorgeous and our windows are still open.  My favorite part about spring is how much I appreciate the warmness.  Even though it was a mild winter the uptick in temps has really been nice.  Skirts, dresses, the whole not wearing pants all the time thing....amazing.  :)

While we were playing in the yard I let the kids dig up the garden (we're planting new things there this year so it's just dirt right now) and they were both looking for something different.  I went with the good ol' pirate's treasure, Little Miss was digging up princess gold (which is purple if you were curious) and Monster Bean was digging up Transformer energon cubes.  After awhile they must have found all they could find because while I was making pizza dough the hubby told me that Little Miss was making a castle with the bucket.

Tonight I finished up "Peg" from the book KnitWits.  

My phone isn't the best camera, but now our camera is officially broken.  While looking at it, hubby dropped the button which takes the pictures into the garbage and it is lost forever.  So until we both have the money and find a camera we like, looks like phone pics are it!  He really isn't so drab in person I promise.  :) 

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  1. It is unbelievable how warm it is! We were just in Chicago and I didn't need a jacket at all.
    I love "Peg" too-very cute!