Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Looks delicious!

Mmmm it kinda makes me want to drool just looking at it :)  This was dinner tonight and it looked so pic worthy when it was on the table I couldn't resist :D

Broiled chicken with taters and carrots!  I used an olive oil and summer savory mix to pour over everything and stuck it in the oven for 45 minutes at 350.  Voila!

Speaking of cooking....tonight I actually remembered to get the pasta salad ready for tomorrow (it wouldn't be so bad except it has to chill....and I usually don't get around to making lunch until 11:30....cuts it a bit short :D ) and since there was nothing on TV and I've been meaning to, I made more oatmeal raisin cookies!  (When did I become such a homemaker?  ;) )

In the random I snuck in a half hour nap while Monster Bean was watching cartoons.  He asked if he could watch his new one from the library while I sat and knit in the living room.  I said yes since he hadn't watched any today.  After one episode I decided to read a bit.  Not too many pages into reading my eyes began to droop and I decided to curl up on the couch and promptly zonked out.  Not good for my contacts, but great for me!  I felt way better when I popped up :)

Also random.  My hair is long enough that I can use my triple barrel curling iron without risk of burning the back of my neck because my hair is too short to really fit (apparently it is too bulky for me because I kept almost whacking myself in the face or snipping my fingers in it).  It's a good length and I'm thinking about keeping it this length....but I also still really miss my long hair.  Food for thought but at least I'm not thinking of cutting it again!  :D

My sweater is coming along.  The back is finished and I'm almost done with the decreases on the left front.  I still have to pause and think "Hey wait, am I doing that right?" but otherwise it's been steadily moving along!

P.S.  I hate that my camera is no longer working.  I feel like my cell pics are pure crap.

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