Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday to do

I don't know if I've just been slacking part of this week or if it all just hit me today what needs to be done so I can enjoy my weekend.  :)  I knew that on Friday the hubby would go grocery shopping.  Usually he does it on Saturday's and that's when I write the list, but since he's going early, I had to put my thinking cap on today :)  Not only that, but because I have plans tomorrow and all day Sunday, that means that laundry will also have to be done today instead of later.  On top of that I had to do some bill catch up.  Which is hilarious because I thought for sure there was a dentist bill hiding in my pile but I couldn't find it.  So I called them (they are really super sweet when it comes to billing) and we had a good laugh when she told me that my account balance was zero.  :D  Now there's a bill I'm willing to pay!  Then my next call was for the clinic because within a week I had received two bills and it wasn't clear if they needed to be added together or if one was a collective amount (I've been burned before by thinking that the latter bill was a final bill :( ).  Again it was a pretty painless conversation and I got that taken care of!

Then (yes my day gets better) I hear a horrible crashing noise from Monster Bean's bedroom followed by screaming and crying from Little Miss.  Oh yes.  Little Miss had fallen off the top bunk.  Fallen isn't the right word...she was helped off the top bunk by Monster Bean pushing her.  Sigh  After Monster Bean explained to me what happened I can see how it happened and that it wasn't malicious at all, but we still had a conversation about how pushing people off of bunk beds is not cool.  Little Miss is okay and was back to her silly self right away, but I was a little nervous at first.

By the time I put her down for a nap (haha, yeah right) I was looking forward to an afternoon of lounging on the couch being lazy.  But then my son asked if I was ready to play Pokemon (I had promised him yesterday that we would play today) and then I remembered to start the laundry and wrote the grocery list while we played.

Now I'm just waiting to finish the laundry (there's always soooooo much) and watched Monster Bean play a demo of Lego Batman.

I'm way super excited for today to be over though.  Because tomorrow I am baking for a church tea & coffee get together on Sunday (although we won't actually be going....!), having knit group in the afternoon, going to see "Hunger Games" (oh yeah!) and then out for dinner in the evening with some girlfriends.  So super excited!!!!  And then on Sunday we have our volleyball tournament which should be awesome, topped off with a pizza party.  So having to buck up today and get stuff done will allow me to have an awesome mostly chore free weekend!

Oh and on top of all this, I'm partially regretting and partially not regretting swimming this morning.  Last night was the last night of this session of swimming and so we all got in the pool for Fun Night.  It's really exhausting chasing around and playing with and swimming with two little ones for an hour!  Especially after having worked out yesterday morning :D  This morning I was really super tempted to skip, but I went anyway, and then when I was swimming, I was tempted to not even do my mile, but I did it anyway, and now I'm just pooped.  Pooped I tell you!  :) 

I wonder if I'd still feel this way if the sun were shining and it were 70 instead of 50 for thought :)

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