Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Holy Cow

First a picture of my animals pretending they hate each other.  It's all hissing and biting until mom's lap is open for cuddling.

Pretty sure time is moving way faster than it's supposed to.  There's only a week and a half before Easter!  Didn't Lent just start?  Then from spring through summer we've got so much going on!  Yikes.

Apologies I haven't been on much.  Monday's are always a blur and Tuesday's aren't becoming much better!

My Saturday with the girls was awesome.  "The Hunger Games" was an excellent movie and I think they did a really good job of both staying true to the book and also filling in a bit of POV from President Snow and the production part of the actual games.  Sunday was a day filled with volleyball, knee bruises (next year for sure I'm hunting down my knee pads) and ended with pizza and cake!  Yum!

On Saturday I meant to do another what's for dinner menu page but honestly, I forgot.  :(  Whups!  So instead I'll give a less pretty rundown here :D

Monday: lasagna rolls (I used the spinach lasagna recipe but subbed in ground beef for spinach and it was yummy!)

Tuesday: chili with beer bread

Wednesday: pigs in a blanket with fries

Thursday: chicken strips with fries

Friday: fish fry benefit!

....I was going somewhere with this, I swear, but it seems that my brain has run away with me!  Until next time!

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