Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The pick for this month's bookclub was "Stardust" by Neil Gaiman.  I was excited at first because I love Neil Gaiman and I have seen the movie, which I liked, so the book has to be good, right?  Well, I'm not sure what the problem was exactly.  Is it because I was coming off of reading "The Hunger Games"?  Maybe I was expecting the same wit I had read in "Anansi Boys"?  I don't know.  But "Stardust" was difficult for me to get through.  The book is only 160 pages, it should have been a candy read.  But nope, I found myself dozing off after two pages all the time and had to really commit to finishing it.  I'm glad that I did finish it because it was a good read.  It just wasn't great.  I think it's a book I'll have to re-read in the future to reevaluate my feelings on it.

Today the hubby let me know that he will be at training for work over our anniversary.  Which I'm slightly miffed about.  I'm not totally miffed because the weekend leading up to it we'll be celebrating my big 3-0 and sneaking in a bit of an anniversary celebration as well.  It just stinks that he won't be there on the actual day.  :(

I received a baby shower invite today for my college roomie.  I'm pretty pumped because I have flannel blankets finished for her and her sister (they're due about a month apart, how cute is that?) and I really want to knit a quick baby sweater for her to add to the pile.  But if I'm going to get it done I'll have to start pretty soon!  The shower is less than a month away.  Probably once I finish my sweater I'll see what I have and do another Little Coffee Bean Cardigan or if I'm really pressed for time, a funny knit animal from my KnitWits books.

Speaking of books, I found the cutest books via Zulily the other week.  Which is funny because originally when a friend was talking about them, I had something totally different in mind.  So when I shared it on Facebook, they were like "Yeah, that's what I was talking about!"  Doh.  Zulily was sold out of them (imagine that) so I looked up the publisher, then put that idea off when they wanted $15 in shipping (each time) and were shipping everything separately because everything was backordered.  O.o  No freaking way.  So I checked Barnes & Noble and Amazon and was able to get them with super shipping on Amazon and at a decent price.  They are classic books retold and illustrated in cool design by Jennifer Adams.  Based on the good reviews from my girlfriends I ordered "Romeo & Juliet" and "Alice in Wonderland" for my kids and then picked up "Jane Eyre" for my friend.  I figured she'd get a kick out of it as well!

I don't know if volleyball kicked my butt super hard on Sunday or what, but I had a hard time feeling enthusiastic about swimming this morning.  Even once I got into the pool my legs were rebelling pretty hard.  Usually it takes me a few laps to get back into the groove, but my body was not having it.  Just when I thought I was going to give up, everything slid into place, but it was an uncomfortable first 500 yards.  :(

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