Sunday, April 1, 2012

End of March

This week has been mostly rainy and gray, not exactly 'spring like' (well unless you believe in spring showers for May flowers...).  So when it was beautiful on Saturday you bet your butt we took advantage of it!

On Friday the kids and I made Wizard's Brew/mini volcanoes.  Truth be told I've never made one before so I was pretty excited as well. 

We also made a red one and talked about symmetry when we cut out robots from construction paper :D  By the way, Usbourne books are the best!  :)

On Saturday we went shopping for dishwashers.  It was a bit difficult with Monster Bean and Little Miss tagging along because they (like most kids) wanted to open and shut every door to every appliance.  Which at first wasn't a big deal, but then it became annoying.  Then when the hubby wanted my opinion on something, he couldn't get it because I was chasing down the kids or if he picked up Little Miss she screeched stupid loud.  Sigh  But we were able to get an idea of what was out there (nothing super good) and nothing out there was on our Consumer Reports list.  Back home the hubby was able to order a dishwasher that would be sent to our local store and he and a friend would go pick it up later this week.  So yay!

Saturday afternoon I went to my  knit group and I didn't accomplish much :D  I blame the raspberry swirl cheesecake and the fact that I was actually swatching to see if I could pull of the (Get off my) Cloud sweater with the yarn and needles I had.  I can't, I swatched with two different sizes and it just wasn't going to happen.  So then I started to cast on for Gemini but it calls for a long tail cast on and after the second time of running out of yarn for the long tail I shrugged and finished it off with a cable cast on (the other ladies admitted they've done that as well so I didn't feel terribly weird).  But the cool part was that one of our fellow knitters brought along extra yarn and lots of books to give away!  I came home with some feltable yarn that I'll use to knit baby booties for my girlfriends, maybe a hat and some books!  Super excited and thankful about that, it was so sweet!

It only got to 72 yesterday but there was no wind so it felt a lot warmer!  Monster Bean had been at a friend's house and they ran through the sprinklers!  That's just crazy talk for the end of March :D  We actually also grilled and had a picnic outside on the deck,  picked up ice cream and went to another park to sit and play.  Here's a great pic I caught of Little Miss and her daddy.

Lastly!  We put the twin mattress on the floor in Little Miss' room to get her acclimated to a big girl bed.  The bed in a bag set arrived from Target on Friday and they were all freshly washed/dried.  So after I set that up we tried her in it for nap.  According to the hubby she didn't escape and when I came home from knitting she was still snug as a bug in bed.  At nighttime I was a little worried but she curled up right away and stayed in bed until about 6 this morning!  The only reason she came out is because she had rolled out of bed and onto the floor!  Poor thing.  Then after 10 minutes of cuddling she wanted to go back into her own bed and slept for another couple of hours.  How great is that?

I told the hubby last night that I didn't want to jinx anything by saying how great she has done, but really, she's done great!  :)  I thought I had a picture of her bed, but I must have deleted it.  :(  I will get one later though!

So that's the wrap up to our March :D  Have a great April 1st!

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